TickTick Comms

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360° marketing strategy, to full scale media buys and bespoke content strategies. High level strategic planning for all clients, large and small alike.

Agency Employees: 2-10


TickTick Comms is led by Zachary Exner, a skilled Marketing Publicity, Digital and Media Strategist with over 15 years experience building, growing and monetisiting some of the most successful global brands.

His 360 brand approach allows him to draw on all areas of the marketing mix to create, and execute a results focused strategy for your brand.

So what can we do?

Digital? Tick
Publicity? Tick
Strategy? Tick
Media? Tick
Design? Tick
Creative? Tick
Copy? Tick
Events? Tick

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  • ADDRESS: Street Address: 80 Currie Street, Adelaide
  • PHONE: (61) (470) 695280